RSAC Team Training

The Rural Selects Athletic Club is actively seeking out male & female athletes, of all ages; interested in competing at the elite level in sport Karate. 


RSAC is a registered non-profit organization with a mandate to develop & promote high performance Athletes. This is one of our programs; its mission is to prepare a pool of Athletes who will be able to compete in various provincial and virtual (global) tournaments and to be eligible to try out for the provincial karate team for 2023 & 2024.

Presently this 'Intro to Sport Karate' program will be offered in the town of Coronation, Alberta. Start up dates are to be announced pending the interest from local athletes & the other sport schedules in the area. 


If you have ever thought about competing at a National level or about sport Karate, we really want to hear from you.

Our goal is to work with those interested in training to compete at National level competition. 

Is it possible to train for one or two years and be ready for National level competition? While not ideal, it IS possible with the focused sport training, age bracket and dedication of the athlete. 

Even if you have never trained before, you can start now. This is sport Karate only, not a traditional program. If you have played another sport and are familiar with regular practices and the dedication of a Team environment….. we need you.

Naturally one of the main questions that come up is “How much does this cost?”

Let me explain what will happen when you sign up & what the costs are…

As the RSAC Executive Director is a former Provincial Karate Coach, you can be sure the program will cover what is needed to be able to compete for a roster spot.

Those who sign up will get:
✅ A complete program showing you the necessary techniques to train & how to use them in competition.

This includes baseline testing, technical instruction and correction. Also includes nutrition and stretching program to follow as you train.

✅ Term sport karate classes twice a week; with the option to continue training once the introduction program ends. These classes will be run in the same format as other high performance competitive sessions covering warmups, technical and tactical training as well as an intro to how sport karate competitions are run.

✅ Posture & Core stability training exercises to help build confidence through balance.

✅ Entry into regular online competitions as soon as the athlete is ready. This is done to build confidence and to get ranking.

✅ Access to forms training video via non-public Youtube links.

But what if you have never trained in Karate before? It’s okay, this is sport Karate & there is no 'season' for regular and online competitions. When you are ready, you can compete. There is time to prepare, train and gain the ability to compete for a Provincial Team spot with confidence.

The fee for this program is an initial $185 for a 6 week primer course.

There is a cost for a uniform which is not covered by RSAC; and you only need one when you decide to compete. The economical uniforms rage from about $45 - $75. You will also need two belts (one red & one blue), sparring gear when the time comes.

To be clear, there is no need to purchase a uniform during the initial 6 week program.
A registration fee paid to Karate Alberta is required as well, this is $35. RSAC forwards this fee directly to the Provincial association.

If you are ‘all in’ please do the following: 


1. Go to this survey link & answer the questions. (click here).

2. I will reach out to you to connect via a phone call.

3. If the program interests you, you will be directed to a registration page.

RSAC is a proud member of Karate Alberta, the sole governing body for provincial Karate, recognized by Karate Canada; as well as a member in good standing of the Canadian Uechi-ryu Karate Association.