Frequently asked questions

How do I find updated training material?

Once you are join for member's access & are logged in; you will find lessons added to the table of contents. The 'READ FIRST' file will have a date on the top showing the last time material was added.

What is the philosophy of RSAC and your program?

‘Life Artistry’ is the basis of the RSAC Coaching philosophy. The Coaching philosophy mirrors the personal one of the founding Executive Director. Coaching goes beyond the training mat to teach young athletes that being an ‘elite player’ is a huge responsibility. An 'elite player' covers attitude at home, academics, and being socially responsible in addition to sport performance. High importance is placed on the extra attributes of the athlete for example: mannerisms, dress for events, first impressions when meeting Coaches, standing for our National Anthem and how to present themselves on social media.

How much does it cost for competitive Karate training?

Presently for 2021, as all lessons are via Zoom or by video submission. The monthly fee for classes is waived. Karate Manitoba requires a registration fee that also covers insurance. Currently the fees are as follows: 1. Black Belt - $60.00 2. Regular-$40.00 (18 years of age and older) 3. Youth (17& under) / Associate Member-$35.00 All are in Canadian dollars. Equipment for the program itself are minimal, to compete however the appropriate gear must be worn, those costs vary and are discussed when ready.

What are the rules for sport Karate?

WKF (World Karate Federation) rules can be found here: RSAC policies and procedures outline the organization rules and consequences for not following them. They can be found in the 'governance' section of this web site.

How will I know if I am improving?

All participants (competitive and non-competitive) get evalauted quarterly. This information is documented and discussed with the athletes to help improvement.

Do you promote Drug Free Sport?

Absolutely. Our instructors have taken the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) online training courses to help athletes understand their requirements.